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Willy Ker

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Edition: 3rd, 2004

Format: A4, Hard cover, full colour

Pages: 90 

ISBN: 0-85288-7655

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RCCPF Arctic and Northern Waters

This book is about sailing in the North Atlantic roughly from latitude 60ºN to the Arctic Circle and, in Greenland, into the regions of ice as far north as 71°N on the East Coast and 78°N on the West Coast. The sailing is challenging, the rewards can be immense - real solitude, history, magnificent scenery, pulsating wildlife, friendly people. This book is a guide to these waters.

Faroe and Iceland are linked by history. These are the lands of the Sagas and the Norse settlements 1000 years ago. While the Norse culture and language are still alive and well in Faroe and Iceland, only fascinating evidence remains o f the Norse settlements in Greenland. These died out in the 15th Century, to be replaced now by small but vibrant modern Danish/Inuit population.

The information on Faroe and Iceland was originally compiled by Christopher Thornhill and that of Greenland by John Grimes and Willy Ker. New data as been provided by members of the Royal Cruising Club, including Katharine Ingram, since the first edition was published and Willy Ker spent a further three years revisiting and cruising the differing areas in order to prepare this latest book.

Updating photographs and comments are always welcome and may be published immediately as 'Continuing Updates' as well as being reviewed for the formal yearly Supplement.